The traffic light isn’t function. Who should go first?

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You must have been in a situation where there was a faulty traffic light while driving on the road, right?

Many road users will be confused to determine who should get the priority of the route.

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In this article, we would like to share with you some of the things you need to do if this matter happens in the future.

Once you noticed that there was a faulty traffic light on the road, you should slow down your vehicle’s movement.

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Make way for the vehicle in front of you as you enter the intersection.

If you and another vehicle arrive at the same time, make sure you give way to the vehicle that is coming from the right first.

Be confident and continue to drive more carefully.

We hope these tips can be applied in the future in reducing the risk of road accidents. Don’t rush. Know that your patience can save the lives of other road users.

Reference Source: JKR Malaysia

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