7 Ways To Overcome Sleepy While Driving…

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You must ever feel sleepy while driving, right? Especially when driving to a distant destination. Let us talk to you about the 7 ways to overcome sleepy while driving…

1. Plan Your Trip
Plan the best time for you to drive. For example, there may be some drivers who cannot drive far at night. Besides, driving during hot weather and blazing light will make you feel sleepy and tired.

2. Get Enough Rest Before Starting A Trip
Don’t drive in a hurry. Make sure your body is not tired and energetic, then you can just start your journey, okay?

3. Drink Caffeine or Isotonic Drinks
Coffee can provide lasting energy while isotonic drinks can restore electrolyte in your body.

4. Listen To The Vibrant Music
Vibrant music can energize you while driving. It’s best to tune to your favorite songs. Must be more energetic!

5. Chit chat
Get chit chat with your friend or other passengers. With this, you are able to maintain your focus throughout the journey.

6. Eat Snacks / Fruits
Snacks or fruits can give you energy while driving. Make sure the fruit is cut in small size and avoid unhealthy snacks, okay?

7. Stop To Have Short Break
Malaysia has a lot of RnRs. Just stop at the nearby RnR for a short break.

Lastly, if you feel very sleepy, it is advisable to not continue your journey again. Get enough rest, okay? This is because it is dangerous to your own safety, passengers and other road users.

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