7 Easy & Save Car Cleaning Tips!

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Your car will look older if not properly maintained. So here we’d like to share with you the tips on how to clean your car easily and save costs.

Let’s read!

1. Take care of the leather upholstery.
Apply olive oil to the surface of the leather to keep it shiny and prevent it from cracking.

2. Shining the car light.
The car’s lights will become fade after a few years. To maintain the shines, apply toothpaste on the surface of the light for a few minutes and when done, rinse with water.

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3. Eliminate scratches.
Apart from making the car lights shinier, toothpaste can also be used to eliminate the delicate scratches on the exterior of the car.

4. Remove the adhesive.
The adhesive will often leave the impression of glue on the surface. You can wet the surface with vinegar for a few minutes before frying.

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5. Eliminate rust.
Coca Cola carbonated drinks can be used to eliminate various types of impurities and rust. Do it immediately before it starts to spread to other parts.

6. Cleaning the pet hair.
For those who always bring pets in the car, they will certainly have a problem with the feathers attached to the seating. You can wet the surface with water, and using a mirror cleaner.

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7. Shining the tires.
Use baking soda and baking dish soap on the surface of the tire. Then clean it with water.

Hopefully, this sharing will benefit you in keeping your car in good condition.

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