5 Things to Avoid While Driving

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Do you realize that most of the things we do while driving can endanger our safety and life?

Let’s see our sharing on what are the things that you should avoid while driving:

1. Avoid eating & drinking while driving.
It can cause you to lose control while driving and can lead to accidents.

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2. Never throw garbage out the windows of your vehicle.
Be responsible, and do not be selfish without concern for the cleanliness of the road/highway environment.

3. Avoid smoking cigarettes while driving.
Smoking is considered dangerous. This is because it can make the drivers will lose focus.

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4. Avoid makeup while driving.
Do not risk your life to look better by wearing makeup while driving.

5. Do not use phones and selfies / wefies while driving.
This kind of behavior has been widely reported as the cause of road accidents.

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With this sharing, we hope that you will all be more concerned about safety when driving on the road.

Reference Source: PLUS Malaysia

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