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Carpool | Car Insurance Platform

7 Carpool Manners

Many of us carpool our friend's car when going to class, office, restaurant, and so on...
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Truck | Car Insurance Platform

A Truck’s Blind Spot

Did you know that driving near a truck is extremely dangerous? This is due to...
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Steps To Overtake Safely

Do any of you hesitate to overtake on the road? If so, you must be curious...
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Drive | Car Insurance Platform

History of Why Some Countries Drive On The Left and Right?

Have you ever wondered why some countries drive on the right side of the road and some...
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Car Breakdown | Car Insurance Platform

Why Didn’t You Service Your Car First Before Travelling?

When a car breaks down while traveling, the question which is often asked the car owner is...
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Bayi Dalam Kereta | Platform Insurans Kereta

4 Types of Children’s Safety Seat In the Market

As we all know, the use of children's safety seats in cars will be mandatory...
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