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5 Ways to Get Rid Of Durian’s Smell In Your Car

When it comes to durian season, many of us will be going back to the village in order to get durian. Durian are also available at the...
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The Newly Upgraded Ford Dealership & Service Centre

Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) has opened its newly upgraded Ford dealership and service centre in...
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Interesting Information About Telematics That You Should Know!

Telematics (telecommunications and informatics) is a telecommunications integration with information technology. It is known as...
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Car Brake System: 7 Early Signs Need For An Attention

Every car owner should have a basic knowledge of car care. Don’t ignore or else it will cause trouble someday...
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Drive While Drunk & Cause Four Deaths

“TAWAU: Four men were killed and another one broken the left leg after being hit by a Vios car while hanging out at the...
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The Easiest Way to Renew Your Car Insurance & Road Tax

We don't think about renewing our road tax or car insurance all the time, right? However, it only takes once a year to...
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