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Ride motorcycle | Car Insurance Platform

Causes of Motorcycle Accident In Malaysia

As we all know, motorcyclists are more at risk of accidents than other vehicle users..
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Cycling | Car Insurance Platform

Group Cycling Tips

Do any of you enjoy cycling? Especially cycling in groups?
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Red Traffic Light | Car Insurance Platform

Do Not Ignore The Red Traffic Light

Do you know that the most common reason why a driver ignores a red traffic light is that..
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Couple Driving | Car Insurance Platform

5 Things to Avoid While Driving

Do you realize that most of the things we do while driving can endanger our safety and life?
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Basikal Lajak | car Insurance Platform

Risk of ‘Basikal Lajak’

We often heard in news broadcasts about the increasing use of 'basikal lajak' these days..
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Bersihkan Kereta | Platform Insurans Kereta

7 Easy & Save Car Cleaning Tips!

Your car will look older if not properly maintained. So here we'd like to share with you the tips on how to..
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